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coming to terms with epilepsy

You might be feeling lots of different emotions right now. People can react differently to a diagnosis. It may not be possible to think and feel positively. Or you may feel fine one minute and upset or angry the next. It may be helpful to know that this is a common way to feel.

Some people find it difficult to come to terms with their epilepsy, or feel worried, down or anxious.

What might help you?

Some people find that self-management courses are really helpful. Self Management UK offers free courses for people with long-term conditions. The courses focus on learning techniques to help individuals take control, and to develop confidence and skills to manage their condition.

You may feel that coming to terms with your diagnosis is difficult right now. Or you might have your own ideas about what might help you feel better. There is no right or wrong answer. What do you think would make you feel better? Is there anything you can think of that you would like to do right now? Who could you talk to? What feels achievable?

If it is difficult to focus on these questions, or to find answers, you can always talk this through with our epilepsy helpline. They can give you the time and space to work out what feels right for you at the moment.

Sources of help

Talk to someone by calling our confidential helpline.

Order our 'The Bigger Picture - epilepsy and mood' booklet from our online shop. It talks about how you might be feeling.

Want to find out more?

Find out more about epilepsy and mood.

Taken from our free Just diagnosed pack which includes 'just diagnosed' booklet, seizure diary, first aid card, helpline card, 'what would help me?' postcard and ID card.

Sarah, mum of two

£10 gives someone access to a trained helpline operator

A donation of £10  means that someone who has just been diagnosed can talk to a trained helpline operator for as long as they want.