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GP practice could close after failure to warn women of risks around sodium valproate

Double fronted two story building that houses Staunton Group Practice. The building is glass fronted.

A GP practice in London could be closed down after inspectors found that staff had failed to warn women of the risks around the epilepsy medication sodium valproate during pregnancy.

Epilepsy Society-based neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale wins international award

Neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale has shoulder length blonde hair, parted in the middle. She is looking directly at the camera and appears warm and friendly.

Neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale, based at Epilepsy Society, has scooped a prestigious international award for the significant difference she has made to the treatment and care of people with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Society responds to reports of medicine stockpiling in advance of Brexit

Image shows a selection of anti-epileptic medications in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes

Epilepsy Society responds to media reports around stockpiling drugs in case there are supply problems following a possible hard Brexit.

My journey on the ketogenic diet - part 4

Sharon Ross is trying the ketogenic diet in an attempt to control her seizures.  In her final blog she tells us whether or not she will continue with it.

Epilepsy Society welcomes Government decision to relax licensing of medicinal cannabis

A government decision to relax the licensing laws around cannabis-derived medicinal products has been welcome by Epilepsy Society.

Protein found in worms helps to stop seizure activity

The two-tone blue infographic shows a pen made from a chromosome and illustrates in an abstract way the delivery of a harmless virus ninto the brain.

Exciting new research that involves using a protein in worms to suppress seizures, could spell hope in the future for thousands of people with epilepsy.

Sporting success for team Phoenix Fire at national Boccia finals

Boccia team Phoenix Fire captured in a final coaching moment with Artur P (coach), Katy N , Chris J, Shirley B (team captain) & Martin E (out of shot)

Epilepsy Society's team were "on fire" as they reached the UK national Boccia finals.

Epilepsy Society's CEO writes to Flynn Pharma and Pfizer on NHS's 70th Birthday

NHS building

Epilepsy Society's CEO, Clare Pelham, wrote to the pharmaceutical companies Flynn Pharma and Pfizer to ask them to give a birthday present to the NHS.

Epilepsy Society welcomes government response to Billy Caldwell case

Epilepsy Society welcomes Home Office decision to return the cannabis oil that it confiscated from mother of boy with severe epilepsy.

Tribunal overrules findings in case involving epilepsy drug

Logo for CMA shows graphic of a hexagon in various shades of turquoise

A decision by the Competition and Markets Authority to fine Pfizer and Flynn Pharma a total of £90m for overcharging for an epilepsy drug, has been remitted back to the CMA after a tribunal ruled against the government watchdog's decision.


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