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My experience of sodium valproate

Kat, who has borderline personality disorder, was prescribed sodium valproate as a mood stabiliser for two and a half years. She was informed of the risks associated with sodium valproate during pregnancy and shares her experience.



Epilepsy Society's medical director says don't panic over current shortages of epilepsy drugs

A pharmacist is dispensing medication in a small pharmacy

Epilepsy Society's medical director Professor Ley Sander  reassures people around current shortages of some epilepsy medications.

Are you aware of risks around sodium valproate? Take part in our survey

Infographic shows that  both young girls and women of childbearing age should be aware of risks around sodium valproate. Pregnant woman and young girl are silhouetted facing each other on a purple background.

New survey launched to assess levels of awareness among women and girls of the potential risks around epilepsy drug, sodium valproate. The survey has been launched by Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Action and Young Epilepsy.

Rain doesn't dampen spirits at Epilepsy Society Phoenix games

Epilepsy society resident taking part in an outdoor activity

Hardy athletes refused to let rain spoil the fun on Saturday (22 July 2017) when Epilepsy Society hosted its 16th Phoenix Games at its Chalfont St Peter centre. 


How new mum Gina was diagnosed with epilepsy

Young mum Gina  explains how her epilepsy began shortly after having her baby son, Charlie.


Public hearing into sodium valproate - your chance to take part

Picture shows a young mum holding a toddler in her arms as they both look felectively out across the water

Women and girls of childbearing age who are taking or have taken sodium valproate, are being invited to apply to take part in a public hearing about the epilepsy drug.

Urgent call to have meningitis vaccine

Graphic showing the signs and symptoms of meningitis to look out for

A group of parents who each lost a teenager to meningitis are urging other parents to ensure their children are vaccinated against the disease, particularly as they go off to university.

Top tips for working with epilepsy

Our channel marketing manager, Carl Charlesworth, gives some helpful tips for people with epilepsy who are already working or are starting work.


Top tips for travelling abroad with epilepsy

Our information officer, Andrée Mayne, gives some helpful tips on travelling with epilepsy if you're going on holiday abroad this summer.


Top tips for managing your epilepsy at university

Our marketing executive and former student, Helen Skipworth gives some useful tips for managing your epilepsy at university.



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