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Changes to PIP set to benefit people with epilepsy

Scrabble board with the word 'benefits' set out in letters, scoring 13 points

People with epilepsy could benefit from new guidelines announced by the Government this week, for assessing those who receive PIP - the Personal Independence Payment benefit.

Standing ovation as Epilepsy Society's professor wins Excellence in Epilepsy Award

Professor Philip Patsalos holds his certificate as he is flanked by three other members of ILAE. From left to right are Matthew Walker, John Paul Leach, Phili0 Patsalos and Graeme Sills. All four are wearing dark jackets and smiling.

A standing ovation as Epilepsy Society's Professor Philip Patsalos is awarded the 2016 Excellence in Epilepsy Award by the British Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy.


How you helped our sodium valproate campaign by filling in our survey

Our content manager, Nicola Swanborough, explains how our sodium valproate survey helped us raise awareness of risks associated with the drug in the media, parliament and with Government.

MPs debate safety issues around sodium valproate in House of Commons

House of Commons and Big Ben

Although we could not see them as we watched today's  sodium valproate debate  via Parliament Live TV, the presence of three women -Janet Williams, Emma Murphy and Deborah Mann - as they sat in the public gallery, was very much felt in the House of Commons.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt sends second letter to Epilepsy Society

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt, in dark suit and light blue tie, looking pensively away from the camera

Epilepsy Society's chief executive, Clare Pelham, has welcomed a second letter from the Department of Health in response to her letter to health secretary Jeremy Hunt, calling for mandatory reviews for women and girls of childbearing age taking sodium valproate.

Arlene Foster and DUP support Epilepsy Society sodium valproate campaign

Arlene Foster is wearing a smart red jacket. Her short, brown hair is swept to one side and she is smiling.

Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and First Minister of Northern Ireland has pledged her support for Epilepsy Society's campaign to ensure mandatory reviews for all women and girls of childbearing who take sodium valproate.

My journey on the ketogenic diet

Sharon Ross is about to start the ketogenic diet in an attempt to control her seizures.  This is the first in a series of blogs about what it involves.

Jeremy Hunt responds to Epilepsy Society on sodium valproate

Jeremy Hunt is wearing a dark jacket and light blue tie. He is looking pensively away from the camera.

Epilepsy Society's chief executive, Clare Pelham, receives a response from health secretry Jeremy Hunt about safety issues around epilepsy drug, sodium valproate.

MPs debate sodium valproate in House of Commons

The House of Commons with Big Ben against a grey sky.

This Thursday (19 October 2017), MPs will be meeting  in the House of Commons to debate safety issues around the epilepsy drug sodium valproate.

Sodium valproate public hearing - summary report

Epilepsy Society's Chief executive Clare Pelham is interviewed at the EMA by ITN News. Clare is sitting in a low, easy chair and the reporter is sitting on a stool by the window. The cameraman is standing to the right. Outside the window is Canary Wharf.

Following last month's public hearing into the epilepsy drug sodium valproate, the European Medicines Agency(EMA) has now published a full summary report.


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