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Epilepsy Society says farewell to its all weather friend Ian McCaskill

Weatherman Ian McCaskill takes to the skies with easyJet in 2005

Epilepsy Society says a sad farewell to its old-time friend and vice president, weatherman Ian McCaskill.

CAWC International Christmas Bazaar event raises £7550 for Epilepsy Society

CAWC Christmas bazaar

Epilepsy Society has said a huge thank you to the Chiltern American Women's Club (CAWC) for raising £15,100 at its Christmas bazaar. 

Epilepsy Society pays tribute to Walter Swinburn

Jockey Walter Swinburn in the stables with a horse who is nuzzling into his neck. Walter is wearing a blue baseball cap.

Epilepsy Society has paid tribute to legendary jockey Walter Swinburn who has died at the age of 55.

Flynn Pharma responds to Clare Pelham's letter in The Times

Our CEO Clare Pelham writes letter to the editor in The Times

The UK-based pharmaceutical company Flynn Pharma Ltd has written to Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham to reassure her that they do not foresee any disruption to supply or availability of the epilepsy drug phenytoin sodium.

How you can donate your car to raise money for Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Society content manager Nicola Swanborough explains how she raised money for Epilepsy Society by donating her old car via the online charity Giveacar.

Epilepsy Society's CEO Clare Pelham tackles Pfizer in The Times

Our CEO Clare Pelham writes letter to the editor in The Times

A letter in today's Times (9 December 2016) from Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham calls on drug company Pfizer to give people with epilepsy a hard and fast guarantee that it will continue to manufacture phenytoin sodium capsules.

take on a challenge for 2018

Be part of our 125th anniversary year and take on a challenge for 2018. 

Two purple balloons with '125' This year we're looking for more people than ever to join Team Purple. Together with your help we can press ahead with our groundbreaking medical research and ultimately find a cure for epilepsy. 

Drug firms should blush at up to 2,600 per cent price rise to NHS

Chief executive Clare Pelham

Epilepsy Society's new chief executive Clare Pelham stresses  need for a balance in the price the NHS is charged for drugs as Pfizer is  fined a record £84.2 million for its role in over-charging for an epilepsy drug.

Tackling sleep problems in epilepsy with CBT

Black and white graphic showing a simple clock against a night sky, surrounded by moon and clouds

Can't sleep? Dr Hugh Selsick looks at how cognitive behavioural therapy may be the answer to your insomnia.

Epilepsy Society appoints new chief executive

Epilepsy Society's new chief executive Clare Pelham is standing in her office beside a bookcase of files. She is wearing a red skirt and pale blue shirt.

The UK’s leading epilepsy medical research charity, Epilepsy Society, appoints Clare Pelham as its new chief executive.


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