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Woman calling the helpline

Just £17 could fund a helpline call

Our helpline answers thousands of calls every year, supporting people in moments of extreme stress, when they need a listening ear. The helpline costs us £163,000 a year to run and relies on donations from supporters such as yourself. 

Woman holding a young child on her lap at a picnic table in the sunshine, both smiling


Poppy, now five, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just two years old. In this open letter Poppy’s mum, Helen Jackson, writes about her daughter’s diagnosis and how Epilepsy Society’s research could help more families.

Tom, a young man, in sports gear

The Scott family

The Scott family tragically lost their son, Tom, in 2015 due to SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy).  In this open letter, the family asks for your support to help with our pioneering medical research.

Sianna-Rose is in a purple top sitting on her sofa smiling


At the age of three, Sianna-Rose should have been experiencing nothing but joy and security; seeing wonder in the world around her and learning something new and exciting each day. Instead, this little girl witnessed her mother having an epileptic seizure for the first time.

Aiden and his mum hug, smiling at the camera

Help us transform lives through genetic testing

Before Aidan had a genetics test he had no life at all... Now, he’s a different person. With your help, more people can regain their lives through genetic testing.

Woman having her face scanned by facial imaging cameras

Changing the face of epilepsy treatment

Donate to our JustGiving campaign and help us purchase 3D facial imaging cameras. 3D facial imaging, combined with a genomics test, will bring people closer to personalised treatment.