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04 March 2015

Phenytoin Sodium Flynn changes

Flynn Pharma has advised us that there will be some minor changes to the packaging of their 300mg Phenytoin Sodium Flynn hard capsules. ​Everything else about the capsules will remain the same. It is only the appearance of the packaging that is changing. These changes will be seen over the next couple of months. 

The changes are as follows:

  • The orientation of the capsules within the blister strip is changing, so that they lie horizontally (landscape) across the length of the strip (see photo) rather than  lying vertically (portrait). The number of capsules on each strip will not change
  • The size of the foil blister strip inside the box is changing from 105 x 58mm to 120 x 58mm, so it will be slightly longer
  • The size of the box is changing slightly from 61 x 22 x 109mm to 61 x 20 x 123mm, so it will be slightly longer and thinner.