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premature mortality and epilepsy

New research from a 25-year longitudinal study on epilepsy mortality has reinforced the strong link between epilepsy and premature death. People with epilepsy are two to three times more likely to die prematurely than those in the general population. 

Evidence shows that 39% of these deaths are avoidable, and could be prevented with appropriate treatment and better access to specialty care. Unfortunately epilepsy care varies significantly throughout the country and there are few signs that access is improving: 32% of patients with neurological conditions are being admitted to hospital more than five times before being seen by a neurologist.

With your help, Epilepsy Society is calling on the Department of Health to commission a national clinical audit into epilepsy deaths. This will enable national health decision-makers to understand the magnitude of the problem and to act on the findings to improve health services for all people with epilepsy. 

Download our full report on premature mortality and avoidable deaths.