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QOF indicators for epilepsy 2014/2015

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) rewards GPs for the provision of quality care and helps to standardise improvements in the delivery of primary medical services throughout England. Participation in QOF is voluntary. Revised indicators for QOF 2014/15 became effective on 1 April 2014, replacing versions for the previous two years.

Epilepsy  indicator

EP001. The contractor establishes and maintains a register of patients aged 18 or over receiving drug treatment for epilepsy. Points  1

The following two previous indicators for epilepsy have now been retired.

EP002. The percentage of patients aged 18 or over on drug treatment for epilepsy who have been seizure free for the last 12 months recorded in the preceding 12 months. Points 6
EP003. The percentage of women aged 18 or over and who have not attained the age of 55 who are taking antiepileptic drugs who have a record of information and counselling about contraception, conception and pregnancy in the preceding 12 months. Points 3

Changes to QOF

Changes to QOF are agreed as part of wider changes to the General Medical Services (GMS) contract. Changes to the GMS contract are negotiated annually by NHS Employers (on behalf of NHS England) and the General Practitioners Committee  (GPC) of the British Medical Association (BMA).  

QOF is also used to help establish disease registers. These are lists of patients registered with the GP who have been diagnosed with the disease or risk factor described in the register indicator.