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from Jennifer Davison, Manager, Queen Elizabeth House    

'Individualised care is at the heart of everything we do at Queen Elizabeth House, with a focus on finding a balance between health and social needs. To ensure service users have control and choice over their own life, we develop bespoke communication systems for each individual, including picture calendars, objects of reference and choice boards which enables everyone to convey their needs and wants.

Epilepsy Society is in a unique position to support a person-centred approach as service users have the option to access a number of expert services on-site including physiotherapy, art therapy, speech and language therapy and neurologists. Service users also have the latest supportive technology available to use, such as bed alarms, seizure alarms and movement alarms, which enables greater independence.

Every day, we have a wide range of activities both on and off site which motivates services users to take part in community activities and outings. Off-site activities include outings such as sailing and swimming as well as theatre and football trips. We are currently developing a new In-house activities schedule designed around each service users’ likes, which will include exercise sessions, expressive art, music therapy and cookery. Along with organised sessions, all parts of an individual’s day is an activity so it is important for service users to make decisions on all aspects of their lives, from choosing the clothes they wear and the food they eat, to where they want to go and who they choose to go with. Service users can also express their personalities and interests by choosing furnishings and colours for their room and making picture frames to decorate their own space. 

We spend time getting to know each service user and the people that are most important in their lives, to ensure every care package is tailored to the needs of the individual.'