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Rhia Arden

Communications Officer Arden, Communications Officer at Epilepsy Society

I joined the Communications team at Epilepsy Society in October 2018.

During my time here, I have learnt about the different types of epilepsy, how it occurs, the effect it has on people both psychologically and physically and how Epilepsy Society's mission is to enhance the quality of life of people affected by epilepsy by promoting public awareness. It is fulfilling to be able to talk to people about their experiences with epilepsy and share their stories.

As I come from a journalism and communications background, I am putting my skills to good use in representing the charity and making sure that everyone is kept up to date with the most recent epilepsy news.

I would like to increase the awareness of Epilepsy Society to a wider audience through communication channels and expand people's knowledge and understanding of epilepsy, so there is less stigma around the condition.