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Running to take control of my life


4 January 2017

Trudy Kerr was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010 following a horse riding accident which resulted in two brain haemorrhages and a ruptured spleen. She was experiencing clusters of 25-60 simple partial seizures on a regular basis which she found challenging. In this blog Trudy tells us why she started running and discusses the positive effects of exercise for both increased seizure control and quality of life.

Trudy Kerr

Seizures and medication

I never knew when the seizures would happen, how severe they would be and how long they would last. It was scary and inconvenient but at the same time I didn’t want to take medication – this was a decision I discussed with my neurologist. Instead I decided to start running to try to regain control of one part of my life.

The impact of exercise

I could not have predicted the difference exercise would make. By taking time out for myself and really making physical exercise a part of my routine I felt an increased sense of well being and personal achievement. What is more, my seizures stopped. I had my last seizure as I crossed the starting line in my first half-marathon and I haven’t had another one since.

My dreams have returned

I cannot say whether this is because of the running but I do feel that by increasing my oxygen uptake I have somehow helped restore my brain to its normal state. All the time that I had seizures, I never dreamt. Now my dreams have returned and it’s wonderful.

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Watch Trudy's video to find out more reasons why Trudy runs and her journey to running a marathon.