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Published: 19 August 2013

Schoolgirl's epilepsy book now available in US

Talented schoolgirl Layla Reid, aged eight, is celebrating as her guide Epilepsy for Kids becomes available for children in the US. Layla's mum, Sarah Reid has epilepsy and Layla has grown up knowing how to look after her, or call for help, when she has a seizure.

Layla wrote the book to help other children in a similar position cope with a parent or family member who has epilepsy. It is written in her own handwriting with simple illustrations, each explaining how seizures can affect everyday activities such as having a bath or driving.

Epilepsy Society was involved in supporting and advising  Layla and her family when they first decided to publish Epilepsy for Kids. The book went on sale in the UK in major stores including Waterstones but has now attracted the attention of an American epilepsy charity which is handing it out to children to help them cope with family or friends who may have seizures.

Said proud mum Sarah: 'Layla's support has meant so much to me over the years. So many people don't know what it's like to have a seizure or how to cope with them. Layla is helping so many people.'

As well as knowing how to make sure her mum is safe if she has a seizure, Layla also checks every day that Sarah has taken her medication and is eating properly. She also makes sure that her little sister Lauren is safe if Sarah has a seizure.

Layla has won many accolades for the book including a Blue Peter badge and a letter from the Queen.

Epilepsy Society's communications and campaigns manager Amanda Cleaver described the impact of the book: 'Epilepsy for Kids is written in a very engaging and direct style which really appeals to children. Its messages are clear and useful. We are really pleased to see that Layla's book is now being distributed in the States.'

You can buy a copy of Epilepsy for Kids from our online shop.