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seizures and the brain

Epileptic seizures are caused by a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain. For some people certain triggers can bring on a seizure. Keeping a seizure diary can help to identify triggers.  

Epileptic seizures

About the many different types of epileptic seizures.

Seizure triggers

For many people with epilepsy, situations or substances can trigger a seizure. Find out more about common triggers including tiredness, stress, alcohol and not taking medication.

Seizure diaries

Information about keeping a regular record of your seizures to help monitor your triggers and help medical staff review your treatment.

Seizure types videos

A series of videos showing different kinds of seizure.

Seizures - the role of neurones

How neurones work and their possible involvement in how and why seizures happen. 

All about the brain

Find out more about this highly complex organ which is the centre of the nervous system.

All about neurones

What neruones do, what they look like and how they pass messages.