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Sianna-rose's story

At the age of three, Sianna-Rose witnessed
her mother having an epileptic seizure for
the first time. 


Imagine the fear at that tender age. Seeing your mother - the person you rely on the most - go through such a shocking experience. Not understanding what was happening to her. Standing by and calling to her, crying and getting no response.

For Sianna Rose and her mum there was a happy ending. But not everyone may be so lucky. Every 18 minutes in the UK, someone is diagnosed with epilepsy. That's an awful lot of children, parents and grandparents who'll be having seizures and will need practical help and understanding from all those around them.

Sianna-Rose has had to grow up quickly. She has used Epilepsy Society's first aid information and our epilepsy app many times to help her mum when she has a seizure.

Quite simply, our first aid information and epilepsy app can help save lives. With 600,000 people in the UK with epilepsy, everyone should know what to do when they see someone having a seizure. And they should know when it's a life or death emergency.