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skydiving for epilepsy society

Looking for a challenge? Watch our guide to sky diving.

Epilepsy society skydiver

About the event

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Take to the skies for us. No experience necessary; must provide own enthusiasm and bravery.

Date: you choose
Where: UK and Northern Ireland
Fundraising target: £360/£395/£595 depending on which type of jump you choose.

Fees and fundraising

If you raise the minimum sponsorship target, you’ll be able to jump for free. This target covers the fee to jump and includes a donation to us. If you exceed your target, every extra penny will come straight to us. All participants are recommended to take out personal accident insurance.

Choose your jump

There are three jumps to choose from.



Minimum sponsorship target: £395

  • Jump from at least 10,000 feet with a freefall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120mph!
  • Your jump and training will be completed in one day.
  • You will be safely harnessed to an experienced parachute instructor at all times.
Static line parachute jump

Static line parachute jump

Minimum sponsorship target: £360

  • Jump solo from up to 3,000 feet!
  • You’ll receive thorough one day training for your jump the following day.
  • You’ll be securely attached to a ‘static line’ designed to automatically open your parachute.
Accelerated freefall (AFF)

Accelerated freefall (AFF)

Minimum sponsorship target: £535

  • Freefall ALONE from 10,000 feet!
  • receive one full day of training the day before your solo skydive
  • Expert classroom and practical sessions 
  • This is a first level of a professional skydiver’s course

Book your jump

Go to Skyline’s website, select Epilepsy Society from the ‘Full List’ and proceed to the booking form. Before booking you’ll need to choose your jump site from Skyline’s 24 airfields across the country – you’ll automatically be booked at a jump site unless you specify otherwise. To secure your skydive you’ll need to pay a £70 deposit when you complete the online booking form. You’ll also be given the option to buy personal insurance. Once you’re booked, you can start fundraising.

It was indescribably fantastic, a thrilling adrenaline rush, second to none! I would strongly recommend it – it was brilliant!

Derek Wilson
a member of Epilepsy Society’s flying squad

Fundraising tips

Once you’ve signed up to a jump, please let us know and we’ll send you our fundraising pack which is full of ideas and materials to help you reach (and exceed!) your target.

Who can jump?

  • For a tandem skydive you must be aged 16 or over and you must weigh under 15 stone.
  • For a static line jump and an AFF you must be 16-55 years old and under 15 stone.
  • If you are under 18 you’ll need a medical form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • If you are aged 40 and over or have a medical condition (including epilepsy) you will need a form signed by your doctor.

If you have epilepsy we advise that you speak to your doctor before booking your jump.

Other events

If skydiving is not for you, why not runcycle or trek for Epilepsy Society? We also run challenges for students.