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sponsored events

Sponsored events

Almost everything lends itself to sponsorship and often the strangest ideas get the best support. You can do it on your own terms, at a time and pace to suit your needs.

Team effort

Sometimes it is just as easy to organise a sponsored event for several as for one person. You could get together as a team and share the organisation and the fun. Each participant can concentrate on getting their own sponsors, but you may be able to get some publicity for the whole group.

Maximise your income

Here are some ideas people have found useful in the past:

  • Ask people to Gift Aid their donations if they are able - this adds up to 25% to the donation at no cost to the giver.
  • Set a fundraising target and let everyone know what you are hoping to achieve.
  • Ask your employers if they are willing to 'match' what you collect. This can be tax efficient for the employer and you can double the amount you raise. See the guide to tax incentives (pdf).
  • Spread word of your event to the widest possible circle of your friends and acquaintances, in person, by phone or by group email? Check out our ideas for publicity.
  • Make sure that you get sponsored in the best way for your event. For example getting people to sponsor a run by the kilometre rather than by the mile could just make an extra few pounds.