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swimming to fundraise for epilepsy society

Watch actress Jennie Jacques' Swim Serpentine journey

I was taking a break from learning my lines for Vikings in a cafe in London and as I scrolled through Instagram I noticed a post from Epilepsy Society saying last chance to enter the one mile open-water swim. I entered on impulse because I felt helpless. My sister had recently been in hospital for her epilepsy. When my muscles felt like they were giving in I just thought of the strength of a person who has epilepsy and how brave they are every day and I was totally inspired and motivated to keep going with the biggest smile.

Swim Serpentine

Two day open water swimming festival held in and around the Serpentine. 

Where: Hyde Park, London   When: September 2018


Got your own place?

If you are successful in securing your own place in Swim Serpentine or any other swimming event we would love you to swim for us, please contact the fundraising team for more information.

Other swimming events

We would be delighted to support you as you take part in any swimming challenge. All you need to do is sign up for your own place in a swimming event of your choice or organise your own swimming challenge, perhaps swimming a number of lengths at your local swimming pool?

Alternatively why not cycleskydive or run for Epilepsy Society?