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Carbagen and Carbagen SR are out of stock in the UK

Anti-epileptic drugs piled on-top of each other

Carbagen (carbamazepine) and Carbagen SR (prolonged-release carbamazepine) are out of stock in the UK. 

Epilim Chrono 500mg tablets are out of stock in the UK

A person pouring drugs from a bottle into their hand

Epilim Chrono 500mg tablets are temporarily out of stock in the UK.

Anti-epileptic drug brivaracetam is now available for children in Scotland

Three children at school writing

Children aged four years and older in Scotland will have access to an anti-epileptic drug (AED) brivaracetam as a new treatment option. 

People with epilepsy warned of NHS prescription penalty charges


The NHS is clamping down on patients claiming free NHS prescriptions in England without a valid medical exemption certificate by issuing penalty charge notices to protect NHS resources.

Study analyses effect of AED changes on cognitive recovery after surgery for epilepsy

A study has shown that changes in drug prescriptions after epilepsy brain surgery were found to support post-operative recovery.

Studies expose efficacy of two widely-prescribed epilepsy drugs

Two separate studies have analysed the benefits and side-effects of two antiepileptic drugs, rufinamide and retigabine.

UCB’s new epilepsy drug BRIVIACT® receives EU approval

EU approves UCB's drug Briviact as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of seizures in epilepsy

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