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Amy Frost uses art as a coping mechanism for her epilepsy

Amy Frost, 25, has generalised epilepsy. She has been having seizures since she was 11 years old, but was diagnosed at 18.  Here she explains how she started using art as a way to cope with her emotions associated with her epilepsy. 

Illuminating the Self: an art installation by Susan Aldworth

Illuminating the Self: an art installation by Susan Aldworth

Artist Susan Aldworth is looking for 100 people living with epilepsy, including their carers, to write personal testimonies about living with the condition for an art exhibition 'Illuminating the Self'.

New room design to help epilepsy patients get answers sooner

A group of US art and design students are redesigning a hospital's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, or EMU to provoke seizures in a safe environment.  

Epilepsy care home walls based on ancient tablet


An epilepsy care home in northeast France has been designed with soft indents on the concrete walls to reference the markings of an ancient tablet believed to be the first mention of epilepsy in written history, dating back to approximately 600 BC.

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