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Laura shares what it is like to work at Epilepsy Society

Our Donor Care and Direct Marketing Manager Laura Larrett, lives locally and has worked here for almost 20 years. She talks about the perks of working at Epilepsy Society.

Epilepsy - it's not what you think

Hayley Jacobs, 36, and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy 20 years ago. She has started writing a blog about her epilepsy as a way to share with people what is going on in her life.

Exercise and you

Dr Eleanor Tillett, an honorary consultant in sports and exercise medicine at The Institute for Sport, Exercise and Health, University College Hospital, London, gives some tips and advice on sports, exercise and being physically active.

Running to take control of my life

In this blog Trudy tells us why she started running and discusses the positive effects of exercise for both increased seizure control and quality of life.

Ready, steady, go! The role of sport for Epilepsy Society's first residents

The Olympic Games are under way in Rio.  Last week, Epilepsy Society hosted 84 competitors at our very own Phoenix Games.  England is winning cricket and the English football season has kicked off.  Sport is truly in the air. 

How things have changed at Epilepsy society

Olivia Rzadkiewicz looks at how the Epilepsy Society site has changed over the years

Fundraising over the years

Olivia Rzadkiewicz explores Epilepsy Society's history of fundraising

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