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Clare Pelham

Consultation launched on whether tax treatment of charities needs reform

Logo for the NCVO which is white lettering on a purple background

The Charity Tax Commission has launched a consultation seeking views on whether and how the tax treatment of charities - estimated to be worth around £3.7bn a year - needs to be reformed.

EMA publishes recommendations on sodium valproate

Infographic showing a pregnant woman and a girl and asking whether they are taking sodium valproate. The woman is outlined in white and the girl in purple. The foetus is in red as babies exposed to sodium valproate can be at risk

New measures to avoid the exposure of unborn babies to the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate have been announced by the safety committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Clare Pelham joins expert group on sodium valproate

Chief executive Clare Pelham is wearing a purple top and resting her chin pensively on her hand.

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham has joined the Sodium Valproate Expert Working Group which supports the Government's Commission on Human Medicines.

2017 ended with a disaster but we're not beaten

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham looks back over the year, at the highs and - sadly - a very snowy low.

How you helped our sodium valproate campaign by filling in our survey

Our content manager, Nicola Swanborough, explains how our sodium valproate survey helped us raise awareness of risks associated with the drug in the media, parliament and with Government.

MPs debate safety issues around sodium valproate in House of Commons

House of Commons and Big Ben

Although we could not see them as we watched today's  sodium valproate debate  via Parliament Live TV, the presence of three women -Janet Williams, Emma Murphy and Deborah Mann - as they sat in the public gallery, was very much felt in the House of Commons.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt sends second letter to Epilepsy Society

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt, in dark suit and light blue tie, looking pensively away from the camera

Epilepsy Society's chief executive, Clare Pelham, has welcomed a second letter from the Department of Health in response to her letter to health secretary Jeremy Hunt, calling for mandatory reviews for women and girls of childbearing age taking sodium valproate.

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham wins honorary doctorate

Clare Pelham, Epilepsy Society chief executive winning her doctorate from the Open University

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham wins an honorary degree of doctor of the university from the Open University for her work around people with disabilities. 

Tribunal puts patient health ahead of business

Clare Pelham, chief executive, standing in her office

Epilepsy Society's Chief Executive Clare Pelham is encouraged that the health of patients is being put ahead of business after the Competition Appeal Tribunal refused to suspend the Competition Markets Authority's ruling that they had to reduce the price of phenytoin sodium capsules by today.

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham has expressed frustration with Flynn Pharma

Clare Pelham, chief executive

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham has expressed frustration that pharmaceutical company Flynn Pharma has failed to reassure her of their long-term commitment  to supplying the epilepsy drug, phenytoin sodium capsules.


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