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Anti-epileptic drug brivaracetam is now available for children in Wales

Young children smiling whilst wearing pyjamas

Children aged four years and older in Wales will have access to the anti-epileptic drug brivaracetam as a new treatment option.

Gov pledges to exempt epilepsy from latest emergency medicine plans post-Brexit

Houses of Parliament in the sunshine

The Government has promised to exempt people with epilepsy from its most recent plans for potential post-Brexit medicine shortages.

Research is bringing new hope of two different treatments to prevent seizures

Diagram of a brain pacemaker

Two new treatments are being developed for people with epilepsy, that may offer hope of better seizure control in the future.

Data shows blood-test can distinguish between epileptic and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures

An image showing a silhouette of a person and the electrical activity in their brian

A recent study shows a bio-marker based blood test can accurately distinguish epilepsy seizures from psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).

Our CEO says "wow" to latest discoveries in epilepsy

In her New Year blog, our chief executive, Clare Pelham, shares her excitement at learning of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of epilepsy from researchers at Epilepsy Society.

Carbagen and Carbagen SR are out of stock in the UK

Anti-epileptic drugs piled on-top of each other

Carbagen (carbamazepine) and Carbagen SR (prolonged-release carbamazepine) are out of stock in the UK. 

Epilim Chrono 500mg tablets are out of stock in the UK

A person pouring drugs from a bottle into their hand

Epilim Chrono 500mg tablets are temporarily out of stock in the UK.

Epilepsy - it's not what you think

Hayley Jacobs, 36, and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy 20 years ago. She has started writing a blog about her epilepsy as a way to share with people what is going on in her life.

Doctors must review all women on sodium valproate as data shows UK-wide differences

A pregnant woman wearing a pink dress cradles her bump in a caring manner

Healthcare professionals including GPs and pharmacists are being reminded to identify and review all women who are taking the epilepsy medication sodium valproate, after data showed there is a wide variation in prescribing practices across the UK.

Genetic research leads to better understanding of common epilepsies

Professor Sanjay Sisodia smiling at the camera

Researchers have thrown a new light on the important role that genetics play in some of the most common epilepsies.


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