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Epilepsy Society launches new first aid campaign after young man has seizure on escalator

Are you seizure savvy?

Epilepsy Society have launched a new campaign, "Calm, Cushion, Call" to raise awareness of seizure first aid.

Zonisamide is out of stock in the UK

Drugs on shelves in pharmacy

We have been informed by Teva UK that all formulations of Zonisamide are temporarily out of stock in the UK.

Epilim medication shortages

An assortment of drugs stacked on top of each other

We have been informed that there may be problems with the supply of some forms of Epilim (sodium valproate) over the next 10 days.

Jack Cray - The epileptic actor seizing the chance to share his Epilepsy story

Actor with epilepsy, Jack Cray, talks about his journey with epilepsy and why he devised his one man show, Jack Cray: The Fittest Guy On The Street.

Peter Hook to perform anniversary concerts in celebration of Joy Division and donate to Epilepsy Society

Peter Hook playing his bass at the Royal Albert Hall

Peter Hook has recently announced two anniversary concerts with his band, The Light, to perform Joy Division material. He will be making a donation to Epilepsy Society from the concerts.

Epilepsy Society's MRI unit hosted 3rd ILAE Neuroimaging course

Members who attended the ILAE conference standing outside the MRI unit

Expert consultants and radiographers in epilepsy recently attended the 3rd ILAE British Branch Epilepsy Neuroimaging course at Epilepsy Society.

Regional volunteer of Epilepsy Society attends reception at Windsor Castle

Monica Kendall working at an epilepsy helpdesk

Long-time epilepsy volunteer Monica Kendall, met HM The Queen when she enjoyed a visit to Windsor Castle on 2 April 2019.

Woman suffers horrific injuries due to falling during a seizure

Natasha McQuinn smiling at the camera

Almost eight months ago, Natasha McQuinn collapsed onto a boiling hot radiator during a seizure and burnt her back. Now, she is too scared to do everyday activities by herself

Latisha pays homage to her epilepsy through her company

Latisha Berker-Boyd writes about her experiences with epilepsy and how she has used her epilepsy to influence her marketing agency.

Shadows share their experiences about the 'Me and My Shadow' scheme

Following the success of our 'Me and My Shadow' scheme on International Women's Day, a few of the shadows tell us about their experiences.


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