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epilepsy and pregnancy

Slipping through time

Playwright Louise Monaghan talks about her new play, Slipping through Time, which follows the story of a young mum with epilepsy.


Worrying lack of knowledge over epilepsy medicine risks in pregnancy

Mother and child

Almost half (48%) of women with epilepsy are unaware of the risks of taking epilepsy medicine sodium valproate, according to a new survey by three leading UK epilepsy charities.

Charities call for better advice over epilepsy drug risk during pregnancy

Alison Paterson with her two children

One in five women currently taking the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate, do not know that it can cause developmental problems or birth defects in an unborn child.

Sodium valproate and the risks

Epilepsy Society policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer-Cunliffe looks at the issues around sodium valproate and pregnancy.

'The hardest time of my life'

Katherine Favero talks about seizures, trying to start a family and about having to explain her bruises.

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