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The Amelia Roberts Fund

Amelia was the kindest, funniest, most thoughtful, mischievous, gentle and beautiful girl. She was full of vim and vigour. She was plucky, determined and feared little. As a small child she was bold, wilful and always up to something, usually inappropriate!

Emma Griffith's story

Emma Griffith explains how being supported by the Epilepsy Society's Chalfont Centre has helped her to turn her life around. 

Neill's story

Neill Lowdon is an artist from Cornwall who has recently sold 35 of his paintings to raise money for us. Here, he talks about leaving a legacy to Epilepsy Society in his will.

Christina Marshall uses her graphic design pieces to allow her to be more positive about epilepsy

Christina Marshall is a graphic designer who has complex partial epilepsy. She is sharing her graphic design pieces with us to make people more aware of her epilepsy and how she copes with it.

Amelia's story

Amelia Roberts was beautiful, vivacious and just 21 when she tragically died from a fatal seizure just before Christmas in 2018.

Calling 999 from a smartphone

If you need to make a call to the emergency services (999 in the UK) on an Android or iPhone device, there are ways to automatically send your GPS location to the emergency services at the same time.

Gina believes that her epilepsy helped her to embrace new career opportunities

Gina Strudwick, a hair stylist, artist and author from Plymouth, believes she never would have got back into enjoying art or writing if it wasn't for her epilepsy.


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