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All dosages of Epilim are now back in stock

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Sanofi has informed us that all dosages of Epilim (sodium valproate) are now back in stock.

Epilepsy Society's Clare Pelham discusses sodium valproate and EMA public hearing on BBC News

Epilepsy Society CEO Clare Pelham, Deborah Mann and her daughter Branwen on BBC Victoria Derbyshire

Watch and listen to Epilepsy Society's CEO Clare Pelham discussing sodium valproate on various BBC News programmes last week.

Are you aware of risks around sodium valproate? Take part in our survey

Infographic shows that  both young girls and women of childbearing age should be aware of risks around sodium valproate. Pregnant woman and young girl are silhouetted facing each other on a purple background.

New survey launched to assess levels of awareness among women and girls of the potential risks around epilepsy drug, sodium valproate. The survey has been launched by Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Action and Young Epilepsy.

Public hearing into sodium valproate - your chance to take part

Picture shows a young mum holding a toddler in her arms as they both look felectively out across the water

Women and girls of childbearing age who are taking or have taken sodium valproate, are being invited to apply to take part in a public hearing about the epilepsy drug.

Mum tells of loss of baby son after sodium valproate

Juliet and Steve lost their first son 25 weeks into Juliet's pregnancy after she had been taking sodium valproate. Here Juliet shares their story in the hopes that no other family endures the same tragedy. 

Sodium valproate and the risks

Epilepsy Society policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer-Cunliffe looks at the issues around sodium valproate and pregnancy.

Government strengthens warnings around sodium valproate

Epilepsy Society welcomes  new government initiative to ensure that all women and girls of childbearing age are aware of the potential risks associated with the epilepsy drug sodium valproate.

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