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Exercise and you

Dr Eleanor Tillett, an honorary consultant in sports and exercise medicine at The Institute for Sport, Exercise and Health, University College Hospital, London, gives some tips and advice on sports, exercise and being physically active.

Running to take control of my life

In this blog Trudy tells us why she started running and discusses the positive effects of exercise for both increased seizure control and quality of life.

Epilepsy Society's 81 year old marathon runner returns to tennis courts day after completing race.

Jennifer Barker marathon tennis

81 year old marathon runner Jennifer Barker returns to playing tennis the morning after completing the Marathon

London Marathon - Liz Kemsley's story

Liz Kemsley and her 81-year-old mother ran the marathon for Epilepsy Society in 2016. Liz discusses why she decided to run the marathon for her son Luke, her struggles with training and her amazing fundraising efforts. 

Running the London Marathon for epilepsy

Supporter, Morgan O'Shea-Smith, ran the London Marathon 2015 to raise money and awareness of epilepsy for her mum. 

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