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Tips for making the most of Christmas

Our Education, Information and Support Services Manager, Andrée Mayne, gives some helpful tips on coping over Christmas if you have epilepsy.

7 top tips for better sleep - epilepsy and insomnia

Dr Hugh Selsick talks about insomnia in people with epilepsy, and how a type of therapy, CBT-i, can be used to combat sleeping problems.

Epilepsy Society begins heart monitor trial to detect seizures

Sue and Adrian Perry

Epilepsy Society has begun a six-month trial of heart monitor equipment to assess the technology’s usefulness in detecting seizures.

Insomnia linked with worse quality of life and continuing seizures in people with epilepsy

A study has found that lack of sleep - or insomnia - is associated with short-term poor seizure control and worse quality of life among people with epilepsy.

Changes in heart activity during sleep linked to epilepsy in children

A study has found that even in children without seizures, heart rate changes during sleep could be an indicator of a risk of developing epilepsy later in life.

Study demonstrates link between epilepsy and sleep disturbances

A study in South Korea has provided new evidence that epilepsy is linked with sleep disturbance. 

Epilepsy specialists say night milk offers hope for better sleep

Milk produced during the night could be an effective, natural aid for sleep disorders among people with epilepsy, according to epilepsy experts.

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