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sodium valproate

EMA publishes recommendations on sodium valproate

Infographic showing a pregnant woman and a girl and asking whether they are taking sodium valproate. The woman is outlined in white and the girl in purple. The foetus is in red as babies exposed to sodium valproate can be at risk

New measures to avoid the exposure of unborn babies to the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate have been announced by the safety committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Why mums with epilepsy get my #votesforwomen

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham explains why mothers who have campaigned relentlessly about equality in women's health, are her inspiration as we celebrate #VotesforWomen

How you helped our sodium valproate campaign by filling in our survey

Our content manager, Nicola Swanborough, explains how our sodium valproate survey helped us raise awareness of risks associated with the drug in the media, parliament and with Government.

Arlene Foster and DUP support Epilepsy Society sodium valproate campaign

Arlene Foster is wearing a smart red jacket. Her short, brown hair is swept to one side and she is smiling.

Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and First Minister of Northern Ireland has pledged her support for Epilepsy Society's campaign to ensure mandatory reviews for all women and girls of childbearing who take sodium valproate.

Jeremy Hunt responds to Epilepsy Society on sodium valproate

Jeremy Hunt is wearing a dark jacket and light blue tie. He is looking pensively away from the camera.

Epilepsy Society's chief executive, Clare Pelham, receives a response from health secretry Jeremy Hunt about safety issues around epilepsy drug, sodium valproate.

MPs debate sodium valproate in House of Commons

The House of Commons with Big Ben against a grey sky.

This Thursday (19 October 2017), MPs will be meeting  in the House of Commons to debate safety issues around the epilepsy drug sodium valproate.

Public hearing into sodium valproate - your chance to take part

Picture shows a young mum holding a toddler in her arms as they both look felectively out across the water

Women and girls of childbearing age who are taking or have taken sodium valproate, are being invited to apply to take part in a public hearing about the epilepsy drug.

Worrying lack of knowledge over epilepsy medicine risks in pregnancy

Mother and child

Almost half (48%) of women with epilepsy are unaware of the risks of taking epilepsy medicine sodium valproate, according to a new survey by three leading UK epilepsy charities.

Charities call for better advice over epilepsy drug risk during pregnancy

Alison Paterson with her two children

One in five women currently taking the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate, do not know that it can cause developmental problems or birth defects in an unborn child.

Sodium valproate should not be routinely prescribed for women, say medics

Pregnant woman wearing pink summer dress.

Sodium valproate should not be prescribed to women with epilepsy who are of child bearing age,unless there has been a full discussion of the potential risks and benefits to the woman and any future unborn child, warn medics.


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