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Why schools should teach students about epilepsy

Zoe Gude explains why she would like students to be taught about epilepsy in secondary school, so they understand what it is like to live with seizures. 

World Health Organization calls for action to reduce issues around epilepsy worldwide

World Health Organisation logo

A new report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) calls for action to improve healthcare and reduce stigma and discrimination around epilepsy.  

Why Debbie would like to change stigma around epilepsy

Debbie Jackson, a PA at a media company in Canary Wharf, would like to change the stigma around epilepsy in the workplace.


Turning epilepsy on its head

Epilepsy Society's content manager Nicola Swanborough explains how BBC Three's 'What not to say to someone with epilepsy' will do much to smash the stigma around the condition.

Public attitudes to epilepsy 'stuck in dark ages', survey finds

Many people with epilepsy worry about the way other people react to their condition, a survey has found.

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