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Can green spaces reduce the risk of sudden death in people with epilepsy?

The idea that environment influences the health of people with epilepsy is not a new one.  Epilepsy Society headquarters was founded in 1894 in the Buckinghamshire countryside precisely for that reason.  The founders of the charity and 'colony' as it was then known, believed that outdoor activity was the key to maximising the health and potential of the people with epilepsy that came to live at the centre in Chalfont St Peter.

A smell of burning: the story of epilepsy

Epilepsy Society content manager Nicola Swanborough reviews Colin Grant's new book and discusses why the book's most important message could be 'we need to talk.'

Epilepsy Society begins heart monitor trial to detect seizures

Sue and Adrian Perry

Epilepsy Society has begun a six-month trial of heart monitor equipment to assess the technology’s usefulness in detecting seizures.

“Speak up” campaign makes its mark in Westminster

Last Month, Epilepsy Society launched a political campaign to end avoidable premature deaths in epilepsy. Our policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer explains why he feels encouraged by the response but still thinks more should be done by our Government.

Scientists identify genetic link between heart conditions and SUDEP

A study has found that there is a possible link between sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) and heart problems.

“Speak up” campaign aims to spur government action

Finn O'Dwyer explains why a new national clinical audit is needed for epilepsy.

Study examines link between cardiac arrhythmias and SUDEP

Scientists analyse  studies in order to define the link between cardiac arrhythmias during or after epileptic seizures, and  SUDEP.

samantha's story

Lynn McGoff shares the story of how she lost her daughter, Samantha Ahearn to SUDEP.

sereena's story

Sereena Webb recalls the loss of her son Taylor, who lost his life to SUDEP at the age of nine. 

owen's story

Owen Williams was 39 when he died in July 2014.  His mother, Ro Williams, describes the impact of her son's death from SUDEP. 


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