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Published: 25 February 2013

Understanding PIP

Help is at hand, in the form of a new pocket guide, for people with epilepsy trying to get to grips with the government’s new Personal Independence Payment (PIP). In response to worried callers ringing the charity’s helpline, Epilepsy Society has put together a pocket sized fold-out guide to PIP to help people make a smooth transition to the new benefit from the current Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

PIP will gradually replace DLA from 8 April for people of working age and it’s important that all existing DLA claimants apply for the new benefit - there is no automatic transfer from DLA to PIP, people need to reapply or risk losing their benefit.

Copies of the fold out guide are available from Epilepsy Society’s online shop or by calling 01494 601392. More information to help people navigate their way through the benefit change is also available here.

Amanda Cleaver, Epilepsy Society’s communications manager, said: “Obviously we are only hearing from people with epilepsy, but these benefit changes are causing people who live with the condition, so much confusion and concern. Our website and new pocket guide should help make things clearer.”