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university challenge

We want to make a difference to the lives of people affected by epilepsy at university. Students, prospective students, and universities: Will you help us? Can we help you?

Young couple walkingOur audit of university websites found that 239 out of 305 universities had no information about epilepsy on their websites (that's only 66 with any mention at all). Only 13 provide links to organisations like Epilepsy Society, which can fill in the gaps when it comes to support, treatment and basic information. Just 49 mention epilepsy in the disability section of their sites, with no further details about getting support during study. Only four universities had any detailed information about epilepsy and the support they offered.

So how are people with epilepsy meant to find out what support they can – or can’t – get? 
We want to change that – by giving you the information you need, and by campaigning for universities to better understand how to support students with epilepsy, and get information and useful links on their website.