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Q: What sort of people are you looking to volunteer at Epilepsy Society?
A: Currently we are looking for individuals who can volunteer their time toward the residential care aspect of the charity. If you enjoy working with others, work well in a team and see the intrinsic value in building relationships with the residents of the centre, then there are opportunities available. We are looking for someone who can be flexible with their time, has initiative and can commit for a reasonable period of time.  Please note, if you are under the age of 18 you must obtain written permission from a parent or guardian.

Q: What will I gain from volunteering?
A: We believe the relationship between a volunteer and us as an organisation should be one of shared mutuality, where both parties gain from the experience. We hope this can be achieved by placing you in a position that suits both parties wants/needs. If you have a specific set of skills you would like to share, we would hope to fully utilize them. It is our continued hope that each volunteer gains greatly from their time at the centre, be this gaining knowledge about us as an organisation or learning a new set of skills/insights.  At the end of your placement we will be happy to provide a reference to any organisation detailing your experience whilst at the centre.

Q: What does the volunteer application process entail?
A: There are a number of different ways of registering your interest to volunteer. You can email the volunteer coordinator at or call on 01494 601377. Once you decide you would like to volunteer you will need to fill out an application form and upon receipt of this will be invited for an informal interview. Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will need to complete one days training  (usually carried out on the first Monday of the month). When all the training and security background checks are complete, you will be free to start your volunteering. Depending on how quickly you complete the training we hope to complete the process in roughly 2-3 months.

Q: Will Epilepsy Society cover any of the costs associated with volunteering?
A:  Yes, within reason. Epilepsy Society are happy to cover any volunteer expenses regarding to travel, training etc. Expense forms can be obtained from the volunteer coordinator and will need to be signed off. Travel expenses are covered to the cost of 45p per mile.

Q: How long do people normally volunteer for Epilepsy Society?
A: This varies greatly and is generally reliant on the volunteer's availability. We have individuals who have been a volunteer for years and others who were placed for just over 6 months. Most volunteers spend roughly between 2-4 hours per week volunteering. We have no upper or lower limit as to how long a volunteer stays but do ask everyone to be considerate of the needs of the individuals they could be supporting. 

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