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volunteer for medical research

Are you healthy and aged 18–65?

If so, you could take part in our research. As part of our work to increase the understanding of epilepsy, we’re currently recruiting healthy volunteers for research into brain functions using MRI scanning at the Centre for Epilepsy in Chalfont St Peter.

With Magnetic Resonance Imaging, pictures are taken of human tissue structures, such as the brain, by applying a magnetic field to the body. The method is used in clinical practice to look for abnormal structures in the human body. The particular type of scanning used in this study allows us to see what parts of the brain are activated during tasks of language.

Scans are painless and radiation free.

If you’re interested, please contact Dr Karin Trimmel:


Telephone: 01494 601 363

We will then send you further information and a brief questionnaire to see whether you would be suitable.

Please note that volunteering for an MRI scan is not a replacement for medical advice or diagnosis. If you have any concerns about your health, we suggest you visit your GP.