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what's up with wendy? medikidz explain epilepsy

Here are some reviews of 'What's up with Wendy' from three young readers.

“I thought it was very good and explained everything well, including some things that I had not come across before about epilepsy. I liked the characters and think that it would help a friend of mine to understand epilepsy better if they had epilepsy.”

Kishan, aged 8.

“I really enjoyed reading Medikidz, it provided lots of information about epilepsy in a fun and interesting way. I love the different characters named after the different parts of the body, or to do with the parts of the body. I also really like the huge variety of colours – it is bold, stimulating and entertaining and it immediately attracts your attention. I think it is a great book to describe epilepsy to young people. This book helps to remove some of the myths and mystery that frequently surround epilepsy. One of my friends at primary school had seizures and this book would have been extremely useful at that time so we could better understand what they were going through and how best to help them. As such, I thoroughly recommend this book to everyone, and not just children with epilepsy.”

Charlotte, aged 12.

“I don’t have epilepsy and I didn’t know anything about it before.  Now, after reading Medikidz, I have learned about the different types of epilepsy and the different types of seizures, and what to do if someone has one. Medikidz was easy to read and to understand, and I enjoyed reading it.  I think it would help children who have epilepsy understand what epilepsy is and it would help to stop them feeling so worried about it. I think doctors should give Medikidz to children when they are told they have epilepsy or as soon as possible after (being diagnosed).”

Connor, aged 11.

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