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work and employment

Having epilepsy does not necessarily stop someone from doing the job they want, but there are some issues which can affect them at work. Whether someone’s epilepsy affects their work depends on whether they have seizures, what their seizures are like and how often these happen. It also depends on the type of work they do, and any risks that having seizures at work might bring.

Woman working in a garden centreTwo important laws that apply to employment are the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974  and the Equality Act 2010.

Please take our employment survey (opens new window) to tell us about your experiences.

An outline of health and safety legislation and how this affects people with epilepsy

An outline of current legislation on equality and disability discrimination in employment.

Organisations to support your work and training goals.

Information about what jobs you can do if you have epilepsy.

How and why to tell your employer about your epilepsy.

Information if you are worried about the possibility of losing your job.

Information for employers about employing someone with epilepsy, including recruitment process and ‘reasonable adjustments’.