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before you arrive

Your assessment

People usually come to the assessment centre because their diagnosis is not clear, or their seizures are difficult to control with medication. The main reasons people come are:

  • pre-surgical assessment (before surgery)
  • post-surgical assessment (after surgery)
  • video telemetry (simultaneous EEG and video)
  • ambulatory telemetry (EEG where you can move around)
  • medication optimisation (finding the best medication).

Our team of epilepsy experts will provide specialist tests and scans to understand your condition, consider the best treatment for you, and help you to manage your condition in your everyday life.

During the assessment you will be observed by staff. This helps us to record and classify your seizures, monitor your drug treatment and put care plans in place for you. We will also assess your needs to help you to be as independent as possible when you return home.

Forms to fill in

We will send you the following forms with your admission letter:

  • disclosing medical information
  • personal information
  • medication information (this form needs to be signed by your GP).

Please fill in these forms and bring them with you when you come to the centre.

We will also need three passport photos of you for our records.

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme

We will send you information on the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme. This scheme gives financial help to people who receive benefits (such as Income Support or Jobseeker’s  Allowance) and who need NHS treatment at a hospital. Please bring your benefit confirmation letter or benefits book to show that you qualify for the scheme.
Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (opens in a new window).

What to bring with you

Please bring the following items with you:

  • All your current medication (anti-epileptic drugs and any other medication you take). Our on-site pharmacy carries a limited number of medications and ordering can take 48 hours.
  • Your benefits books (or benefits entitlement letter) if you want to reclaim your travel costs (see above).
  • Enough clothes for several days, including night wear, slippers, a dressing gown, an outdoor coat and shoes. There is a laundry in the centre that you can use. Please bring your own laundry detergent.
  • A towel and wash bag with toiletries. We only allow safety razors and electric razors.
  • £5 deposit for your storage area.

Please keep a small suitcase at the centre in case you need to be transferred to another building or hospital. Large suitcases cannot be left at the centre. Make sure that your belongings are all clearly labelled with your name.

Electrical items and specialist equipment

You may want to bring some electrical items with you, such as a hairdryer, shaver or personal stereo (with headphones). There is no computer available for you to use, but you can bring a laptop and dongle to connect to the internet. Electrical items must be checked by our electricians before you use them in the centre. Do not bring a TV into the unit. If you use a wheelchair or other specialist medical equipment, please bring this with you.

We cannot be responsible for any personal items that you bring into the centre.