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Sianna-Rose was just three years old when she saw her mum have her first seizure

At the age of three, Sianna-Rose should have been experiencing nothing but joy and security; seeing wonder in the world around her and learning something new and exciting each day. Instead, this little girl witnessed her mother having an epileptic seizure for the first time. 

£20 will teach 10 children how to give first aid to a parent if they have a seizure

Children like Sianna-Rose need your help. While it's not easy to explain to a toddler about epilepsy, a gift from you today can teach children like Sianna-Rose epilepsy first aid that will help them to help others. Whether it's their parent, grandparent, sibling or friend. Quite simply, our first aid information can help save lives.  

Please give a gift today to provide first aid and safety information to children like Sianna-Rose and their families.

Sianna-Rose has had to grow up quickly.

She's now six and has used Epilepsy Society's first aid information and our epilepsy app many times to help her mum when she has a seizure.