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Slipping through time

BBC Radio 4 broadcasted a new play, Slipping through time, written by Louise Monaghan on the 1st June at 2.15pm. The play follows the story of a young mum, Izzy, 25, played by Ellie Kendrick (who plays Merra Reed in HBO TV show Game Of Thrones). Izzy had experienced seizures as a teenager but they had stopped in adult life. However, after having her first baby, her epilepsy comes back.

The best options for women with epilepsy

Each year in the UK around 2,500 women with epilepsy have a baby and it's vital that they are provided with information around starting a family, giving birth and how pregnancy may affect their seizures or the effectiveness of their medication. We send out 100,000 printed information resources every year and through our website provide vital information to people with epilepsy. 

Listen to Slipping Through Time on catch up

Game of Thrones star tackles epilepsy

Game of Thrones star Ellie Kendrick will be back on our screens this summer as Meera Reed in the penultimate season of the hit tv series. But first she takes on a very different role as a young mum with epilepsy. Here Ellie explains how the two roles have more in common than might at first seem obvious.

Slipping through time

In this video Louise Monaghan talks to Nicola Swanborough about her research and inspiration for the play 'Slipping through time' which follows the story of a young mum with epilepsy. The play will be broadcast on 1 June at 2.15pm, just after The Archers, on BBC Radio 4.