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Poster campaign on London's underground and bus networks

Transport for London's (TfL) priority seating initiative has been backed with a network-wide poster campaign, including our own 'poster boy' Tom Ryan-Elliott (pictured) who has epilepsy. So every day this week there will be posters across all stations and platforms, alongside the tube escalators and in bus shelters raising awareness of hidden disabilities like epilepsy.

More than half a million people in the UK have epilepsy

We set out to make a difference to every person affected by epilepsy whatever their background, however seriously it affects them, and whether they have the condition themselves or are close to someone with epilepsy. We remain the only UK epilepsy charity to deliver a full programme of epilepsy medical research and we continue to provide medical care, residential care and information services to people affected by epilepsy.

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Sodium valproate infographic

New sodium valproate guidelines

New regulations have been introduced around the way in which the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate is prescribed to women and girls of childbearing age. 

How we support you

Epilepsy Society medical centre

Medical services

Our centre of medical excellence provides the latest diagnostic tests, assessments and medical treatment. 

Through the monitoring and observation from the multi-disciplinary team, the centre aims to provide an accurate diagnosis, improve seizure control, optimise drug therapy and assess the skills associated with activities of daily living.

Support worker and one of our care homes

Care services

We are the UK's largest epilepsy specialist provider of care services. We provide a service and environment that supports all those with epilepsy to live a better and more fulfilling life.  

We offer expert residential and nursing care and support for individuals with complex epilepsy.

"Calling the helpline really put my mind at rest"

'I've needed the support of the helpline many times over the years. They are a friendly, listening ear and give me information I need to help my children understand my condition better.' Sarah Reid, Helpline user

We're here to ensure everyone has the best possible chance at accurate diagnosis, treatment and personal support.

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Help create a full life for everyone affected by epilepsy