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The latest news and updates around epilepsy

Our members get the latest news, medication and research updates in Epilepsy Review magazine three times a year. The magazine is written by epilepsy specialists and includes articles about diagnosis, treatment and living with epilepsy, including getting the best out of your healthcare services. 

'Epilepsy Society has been a great form of support for me'

'Epilepsy can be a life-threatening condition and people need to be informed about the dangers and how best to cope with medication and seizures. I wish I had known about Epilepsy Society earlier as I would not have had to go through so much worry on my own. I would have also felt more informed when I was talking to my GP and consultant.' Zeyjan Lazaro 

Thank you for continuing to support our epilepsy information services.

'There was so much I didn't know about'

'The first leaflet I ordered was the first aid leaflet. At the time I was living with my mum and dad and it was so useful to be able to give them a copy of the leaflet so that they would know what to do if I had a seizure. I also got a medical card to carry around so that people would know what to do if I had a seizure in public.'