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living with epilepsy

Having seizures, or being told “you have epilepsy”, can affect people in different ways. Some people feel relieved to be given a name and treatment for their condition. Sometimes epilepsy can be hard to come to terms with. Talking about any worries, asking questions and sharing information about epilepsy may help you, or your family and friends, to make sense of what is happening.


Applying for benefits can be frustrating and confusing. We give you information on how to make a claim, how to appeal an unsuccessful benefits claim and all you need to know about PIP.


A guide to how the driving regulations affect people with epilepsy.

Work and employment

How epilepsy may affect your work including health and safety and equality law.

Pregnancy and parenting

Information about pregnancy, including important information about sodium valproate.


How to get the most out of your free time.


Specific issues to consider before you travel if you have epilepsy.

Going to university

Thinking of going to university? This section helps you think about the practical aspects of being a student with epilepsy.


Some issues around epilepsy and its treatment are specific to women and do not apply in the same way to men.

Young people

Information for young people about epilepsy including how it may affect your life and education.