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Art therapy courses

One of our users doing some arts and crafts

Our art therapy courses are run by a qualified art therapist who offers individual and group sessions and forms secure relationships with the participants.

Our sessions are confidential and free from interruptions from outside the session space. The patients views and attitudes during the sessions are valued, encouraged and supported at all times by the art therapist and other participating patients.

The key aim of this service is to enable people to have a voice and to try to understand what a full life means to them. This can be extremely challenging, especially for those with a range of complex disabilities. However, thanks to a number of services and high quality support from our in-house therapy team, residents can be empowered to communicate and express themselves in different ways.

Practical implications of booking sessions

Our therapist is part of the British Association of Art Therapists and a recognised Private Practitioner. He can practice within residential homes, doctor’s surgeries, schools or other establishment. Time scales of each session will depend on individual and specific personal need. 

Group sessions

 Art therapy in groups is particularly beneficial to patients who would find it valuable to express certain situations in the presence of other people, so that they are able to share and communicate with other patients. Within group work, the patients are able to learn new ways to express and deal with anxiety and difficult thoughts, they are able to relate to other people and make positive approaches, they can become more comfortable with who they are in the presence of others and they can also learn to trust other peoples support.

Group sessions (4-6 people): £80

Individual sessions

Individual sessions can last between thirty minutes to one hour and the duration of the therapy treatment can vary from a weekly basis to a yearly basis. This is all dependent upon the personal position of the patient, the current circumstances and how the individual needs to start the therapy.

One to one sessions has an important role in allowing the person to engage in a personal relationship where a creative expressive, meaningful communication takes place, especially when words alone are inadequate. It also allows people who have personal difficulties to express themselves.

Although local authorities pay for the residential costs of our residential services, the cost of additional therapies including Art Therapy, which are key to improving the lives of our residents, have to be met by Epilepsy Society through voluntary income. 

Individual sessions: £45

For more information or to book a course please contact Quentin J Bruckland