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epilepsy helpline

Epilepsy Society's specialist helpline is here to help anyone affected by epilepsy. We welcome calls from people with epilepsy, their families and friends, as well as professionals such as doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers and employers.

Call 01494 601 400

Opening hours:

Mon and Tues 9am-4pm. Wed 9am-7:30pm.

Confidential (national call rate) 


"I felt I wasn't alone"

Watch our video of Sarah Reid, mum of two, speaking about balancing the stresses of her epilepsy and being a mum.

About the epilepsy helpline

We give each caller as much time as they want to talk about matters that are important to them. We do not limit the length of calls. This means that sometimes our lines may be busy when you call. If you are unable to get through please keep trying. The line is less busy in the afternoon.

All calls to the helpline are confidential. At all times, your identity will remain confidential. We do not pass on any details about you, only about general issues that might be raised in calls. No information from the helpline has any recognisable information about individual callers.

Sometimes particular issues may come to our attention because a number of callers have phoned with the same queries. Examples of this have included problems with supplies of medication or worries about benefits. In these cases we will research the issue and if appropriate ensure that information is available on our website, in our printed information resources, current campaigns or news articles.

"They are a friendly, listening ear"

 "I've needed the support of the helpline many times over the years. They are a friendly, listening ear and give me information I need to help my children understand my condition better." Sarah. 

A day in the life of a helpline worker

We followed one of our helpline workers for a day to find out the challenges and rewards of working on a specialist support helpline.

Your comments on the helpline

Our helpline is one of our most important support services. We are continuing to collect feedback to help ensure it meets the needs of people affected by epilepsy.

If you would like to give us your comments on a call that you have had with us, please complete our online survey or call the helpline to request a form to be sent to you in the post.

Language line

You can speak to our helpline, through an interpreter, in over 170 different languages with Language Line Services.

You will need to call our helpline number (01494 601 400) and speak to a helpline worker who will ask which language you need. If you do not have enough English to do this, you could ask someone else to make the call on your behalf.

  • The helpline operator will take your telephone number and ask for your first name. They will ask you to put down the receiver. 

  • The Language Line interpreter will contact you within a few minutes and introduce the helpline operator.

  • You will be able to talk to the helpline operater, through the interpreter.

All language line interpreters have signed confidentiality agreements.

As we are a UK based charity, we are only able to offer this service to callers living in the UK.

For information in other languages, please view our Language Line poster (PDF, 799KB).

Quality standard

The helpline is a member of Helpline Partnership.

Helpline staff are trained to work within our policy and procedures.