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epilepsy review magazine

Epilepsy Review is our magazine for everyone affected by epilepsy. Articles cover developments in medical treatments and research, advice on how to stay well, topical articles about epilepsy, employment, the law, politics, culture, campaigns and humour from the epilepsy world. It is published three times a year and written by epilepsy specialists.

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Latest issue – Issue 18 Summer 2017

In this issue you can read about:

  • Question time Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham answers the questions people want to ask about epilepsy
  • Me and my epilepsy Truck driver Roger Blake talks about how brain surgery completely changed his life
  • Sodium valproate Read about the European Medicines Agency's public hearing into the epilepsy drug which poses a high risk during pregnancy 
  • Personal Independence Payments Our information manager Andree Mayne explains how PIP works and how to appeal against a decision
  • Tackling SUDEP How one couple developed an innovative heart monitor to detect their son's night time seizures and give him the best chance of survival .