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medical id cards and jewellery

Some people with epilepsy choose to carry something with them that says they have epilepsy. Here we list some providers of medical identity (ID) cards, medical jewellery and 'in case of emergency’ items. For details contact each company directly.

Please note: Epilepsy Society does not endorse any companies and there may be other companies that provide similar items. There is a cost for items listed here, unless stated as free. All links to external companies open in new windows.

Our 'I have epilepsy' ID card has space for you to write about your seizures, medication and how you would like to be helped if you have a seizure. Order an 'I have epilepsy ID card' from our online shop as part of our 'first five free' offer. Our ID card is also available as a printable card (PDF 619KB) which you can download and add your details to before printing at home. Please note that, depending on your computer software, you may not be able to save your PDF after printing it.

Get help with the cost

Local branches of the Lions Club may be able to help with the cost of medical jewellery. Contact the Lions head office for your nearest group on 0845 833 9502.

Medical ID cards

Epilepsy Society 'I have epilepsy' card and Epilepsy Society 'I have epilepsy' card - printable copy (PDF 619KB)
Order online or call 01494 601 392
Free 'I have epilepsy' card (14cm x 9cm) with first aid guidance and space for you to write your own details about your seizures and emergency contacts. Copies ordered through the online shop come with an optional plastic wallet.

0845 603 4604
Credit card sized plastic card printed with your personal medical information.

Message in a Bottle (click on How we help and follow the Health links to Message in a Bottle)
Free plastic bottle with a form inside for you to add your personal medical information. You put the bottle in your fridge. A sticker by your front door and on the fridge tells emergency services that you have a bottle. Bottles are usually available from pharmacies, doctors' surgeries or through your local Lions Club.
01252 820 321
Credit card sized card for you to add your personal medical information.  Also a card which lists your medical condition and asks for help in seven languages.

Medical jewellery

Medical jewellery varies in style, but usually has the internationally recognised 'snake and staff' medical symbol. Items may be engraved with basic medical information and a contact number. Or items may have the medical information contained inside on a paper form. Most companies also provide items for children.

0121 200 1616
Necklaces, bracelets and watches, engraved with limited personal information.  
0141 577 7290
Necklaces, bracelets and watch style jewellery that opens. Inside is a paper form for you to add your personal medical information. Waterproof.

Medical ID membership schemes

01908 951 045
Charity with ID membership scheme. Necklaces and bracelets engraved with limited personal information and a number for emergency services to call. Medical information supplied by you is stored on a database.

0121 200 1616
Necklaces, bracelets and watches, engraved with limited personal information. Optional membership scheme gives a number for emergency services to call. Medical information supplied by you is stored on a database.

Computer-based medical ID

01142 316 135
USB device within a dogtag or wristband which stores your medical information and emergency contact information. Includes an encryption feature to allow you to store information securely, such as scanned images of documents.


Audio medical ID

01721 730 311
Small audio recorder with green cross symbol which clips onto clothing. You can record up to 120 seconds of your personal message with first aid or medical information. You or someone else can press the play button if you are unable to speak.

Near-field communication (NFC)

NFC is a way that devices such as Smartphones can communicate with other technologies and transmit information by touch.

0845 5578 336
Wristband, key fob or card that uses NFC to allow access to medical information on a secure website, to help in an emergency.



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