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Epilepsy Society MRI lab


Neuroimaging offers us sophisticated techniques that enable us to look deep inside the brain and can help us to understand more about a person's epilepsy and whether, in some cases, they may be suitable for epilepsy surgery. Not only does it allow us to look at the structure of the brain but it also enables us to map critical pathways which are essential for functions such as language, memory, sight and motor skills. We can see where these functions occur and whether some medications may affect them and should be avoided.

How MRI has changed lives

Professor John Duncan explains the difference that MRI has made to the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy over more than two decades and the difference it has made to people's lives.

Ground Breaking

We aim to bring forward the day when epilepsy is not a hidden disability – no longer a stigma that is hidden in the shadows and misunderstood. By giving us your support, you can be part of this journey.

Reading brain scans through Artificial Intelligence

Researcher Baris Kanber explains how machine learning - or Artificial Intelligence - could enable more people with uncontrolled seizures to achieve seizure freedom.

Other research


Epidemiology helps us to look at epilepsy in the community and find out who, when and where people have developed the condition.

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