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Read the latest epilepsy news from Epilepsy Society.

Carers need help

21 February 2013

An Epilepsy Society survey carried out in 2011 showed that carers looking after someone with epilepsy often neglect their own health needs to care for a loved one....

River Island epilepsy awareness raising campaign

12 February 2013

River Island – the high street fashion retailer - supports leading epilepsy charities, Epilepsy Society and Young Epilepsy with an online awareness raising campaign...

GPs report decline in childhood epilepsy

7 February 2013

Epilepsy Society’s medical director, Professor Ley Sander believes the downwards trend is most likely due to better pre-natal and peri-natal care and delivery.

New report links epilepsy drug to autism

1 February 2013

Children whose mothers take the drug sodium valproate while pregnant are at significantly increased risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, says report...

Chilled brain could mean fewer seizures

3 January 2013

Mild cooling of the brain after a head injury could prevent the development of epileptic seizures, say researchers.

Genes linked to rare epilepsy

25 October 2012

Researchers are mapping genes responsible for a rare form of epilepsy known as autosomal dominant nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy (ADNFLE).

Midazolam name change

12 October 2012

The epilepsy emergency medication Epistatus has changed its name.

Epanutin infatabs - new patient information

11 October 2012

Pfizer issues new guidelines on how to take Epanutin infatabs.

Changes to Epanutin - phenytoin - capsules

18 September 2012

Phenytoin (current brand name Epanutin) transfers from one pharmaceutical company (Pfizer) to another (Flynn Pharma ltd).

Epanutin (phenytoin) capsules - new branding

18 September 2012

Phenytoin (Epanutin) transfers from Pfizer to Flynn Pharma Ltd.


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