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Personal Stories

  • Lorraine's story
    Woman walking in the woods

    Taking daily exercise can pose extra challenges for anyone with uncontrolled seizures, as Lorraine found out while on lockdown due to covid-19.

  • Emma's story
    Emma Griffith standing by a rose bush

    Emma Griffith explains how being supported by the Epilepsy Society's Chalfont Centre has helped her to turn her life around. 

  • Neill's story
    Neill Lowdon

    Neill Lowdon is an artist from Cornwall who has recently sold 35 of his paintings to raise money for us. Here, he talks about leaving a legacy to Epilepsy Society in his will.

  • Christina's story
    Christina Marshall with her artwork

    Christina Marshall is a graphic designer who has complex partial epilepsy. She is sharing her graphic design pieces with us to make people more aware of her epilepsy and how she copes with it.

  • Amelia's story

    Amelia Roberts was beautiful, vivacious and just 21 when she tragically died from a fatal seizure just before Christmas in 2018.

  • Gina's story
    blond haired young woman.

    Gina Strudwick, a hair stylist, artist and author from Plymouth, believes she never would have got back into enjoying art or writing if it wasn't for her epilepsy.

  • Seizure first aid examples
    infographic showing dates of first aid week.

    Thank you to everyone who submitted good and bad examples of seizure first aid from our social media call-out. Here are a few examples of good and bad seizure first aid.

  • Maisie's story
    dark haired young woman.

    Maisie Adam, an award-winning comedian, has recently had her debut show 'Vague' launched on television.

  • Gareth's story
    bearded man holding a guitar over his shoulder

    Gareth de la Torre, a rock musician, believes that if it wasn't for his diagnosis of epilepsy and rediscovering his passion for music, then he wouldn't be where he is today.

  • Anneleen's story
    smiling young woman against a dark wall

    Anneleen Lindsay is a professional photographer who is based in Edinburgh. She has recently produced a series of work called 'Electric Visions' which is a visual exploration of her personal experience of living with epilepsy. She hopes her work will help people to understand epilepsy better.

  • Amanda's story
    woman leaning against a desk

    Artist Amanda Smith explains how picking up a paint brush has helped her overcome the anxiety and depression that go hand in hand with her epilepsy

  • Anna's story
    couple with their arms around each other

    Anna Coe has undergone 27 years of different medications and brain surgery to try to control her epilepsy.

  • Emma's story
    smiling woman

    Emma Bowey, a freelance designer, believes it's time we started talking about epilepsy more to increase awareness of the condition.

  • Peter's story
    smiling man against a dark background

    Peter Street has recently published his memoirs, 'Hidden Depths - The life and loves of a young gravedigger' exploring his early days as a gravedigger in Bolton during the 1960s and 1970s and how he coped with his epilepsy.

  • Stephen's story
    man in a Children in Need t-shirt.

    Stephen, a STEPS resident at Epilepsy Society, has designed a t-shirt for BBC Children in Need.

  • Debbie's story
    the face of a smiling woman

    Debbie Jackson, a PA at a media company in Canary Wharf, would like to change the stigma around epilepsy in the workplace.

  • Stuart's story
    family of 3 photo.

    Stuart Watson was so inspired by the support he recieved from our helpline, he decided to trek the Great Glen Way in the Scottish Highlands and raise an amazing £2,500 for us.

  • Esther's story
    smiling woman in a winter coat

    Esther Bailey has been determined to pursue a career in music, even though her VNS (vagal nerve stimulation) to control her seizures, affects her voice and means that she can only sing for 10 minutes at a time. 

  • Mel's story
    couple with a small boy

    Mel talks about her experience from being first diagnosed with epilepsy, to becoming pregnant and seeking treatment and support from Epilepsy Society at our Sir William Gowers medical centre.

  • Michelle's story
    people sitting around a dinner table, smiling.

    Michelle explains why she is furious she wasn't told about risks around sodium valproate.

  • Deborah's story
    smiling woman with her chin on her hand

    Deborah and her two daughters all live with disabilities and all care for each other. Here she describes how they push forward together, never allowing epilepsy to beat them.

  • The Howard's story
    black and white family photo

    When one child in a family has epilepsy it can have an impact on siblings too. Comedy king Russell Howard tells Nicola Swanborough how his brother’s seizures have helped shape his wicked sense of humour, while over the page, two sisters tell their moving story.

  • Jennie's story
    dark haired young woman holding up a fundraising runnung medal.

    Sarah has left temporal lobe epilepsy. She has decided to opt for surgery. 'All I want is my independence,' she says. 'I want to cook by myself, bath by myself and look after my two daughters without having to ask for help.' 

  • boy infront of a table full of cakes

    Caiden Tanfield is one of Epilepsy Society's youngest fundraisers.

  • Peter's story
    two men is suits, smiling.

    In this blog Peter Palmer's family discuss how they decided to remember his life and help fund our epilepsy research at the same time.

  • Sianna-rose's story
    girl smiling at the camera

    At the age of three, Sianna-Rose should have been experiencing nothing but joy and security. Instead, this little girl witnessed her mother having an epileptic seizure for the first time.

  • Duncan's story
    graphic of a brain inside a skull

    Duncan Weston explains why he plans to donate his brain to the Epilepsy Society Brain and Tissue Bank at the end of his life.

  • Leanne's story
    smiling woman

    Leann's mum, Joanne Robb, talks about how family life was turned upside down when Leann had her first seizure.

  • Michael's story

    Michael Green has spent 10 years working as a nurse in the Bedouin community living in the Jordanian desert in spite of his own epilepsy.

  • Samantha's story
    two smiling women holding menus.

    Lynn McGoff shares the story of how she lost her daughter, Samantha Ahearn to SUDEP.

  • Owen's story
    woman and a man leaning against each other, smiling at the camera.

    Owen Williams was 39 when he died in July 2014.  His mother, Ro Williams, describes the impact of her son's death from SUDEP. 

  • Kerry's story
    2 pictures of a young woman in a prom dress

    Karen Pates describes the impact of her daughter Kerry's death from SUDEP

  • Laura's story
    woman in a kitchen

    Laura Grainger, 34, cannot remember her own wedding day, most holidays and birthdays, or the time she spent at university.  The impact of her epilepsy means that memory loss is a huge factor in her life.

  • Kathleen's story
    smiling woman wearing glasses

    Kathleen Brown reflects on the treatment she's received for epilepsy, working out that she's been prescribed at least 10 different drugs over the years.

  • Tom's story
    smiling man holding a rugby trophy high

    International rugby star Tom Smith talks about how he has refused to let epilepsy stop him following his dreams.

  • Casey's story
    black and white border collie dog.

    Casey is a beautiful three-year-old Border Collie. She had her first seizure at 11 months and is just going through her first change of anti-epileptic medication. Her owner, Fran Agnew, talks about Casey's seizures.

  • Tina's story
    smiling woman

    Tina has right temporal lobe epilepsy and is currently going through tests at Epilepsy Society to see whether she is suitable for epilepsy surgery.

  • Sarah's story
    woman on the phone

    Sarah has left temporal lobe epilepsy. She has decided to opt for surgery. 'All I want is my independence,' she says. 'I want to cook by myself, bath by myself and look after my two daughters without having to ask for help.' 

  • Anthony's story
    smiling man

    Anthony was diagnosed with epilepsy at 20 and underwent surgery just before his 29th birthday. He has been seizure free for 12 years.

  • Charlie's story
    smiling small boy in a tree

    Charlie was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was just 2 years old. The diagnosis has had a massive impact on the whole family, especially mum, Natalie, and Grandma Clare.

  • Meghan's story
    familty of young children

    Brad Holman, Meghan's dad, talks about how epilepsy affects Meghan and her siblings.

  • Sharon's story
    smiling woman

    A visit to an epilepsy specialist at Epilepsy Society changed 42-year-old Sharon's life.

  • Rob's story
    smiling man

    IT engineer, Rob, developed a phone app with us which he used to monitor his seizures and medication.

  • Jane's story
    woman leaning against a wall

    Practice nurse, Jane, feared she was in the early stages of dementia before she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

  • Juliet's story
    smiling woman holding a microphone

    Stand-up comic, Juliet Stephens, talks about her epilepsy.

  • Emma's story
    smiling woman

    Emma has been seizure-free since brain surgery in July 2005.

  • Laura's story
    woman in front of Big Ben.

    Laura, who is just one of two MPs to openly disclose their epilepsy, answers your questions.

  • Daniel's story
    smiling family photo

    Brother of comedian Russell Howard, Daniel, developed epilepsy as a result of a severe head injury when he was 10 years old.

  • Marie's story
    small blond girl

    Marie's daughter, Aimee, was diagnosed with Dravet's syndrome when she was four months old.