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mood and epilepsy

Epilepsy affects everyone differently. Some people with epilepsy may find that problems with their mood can affect their epilepsy and how it is managed. How you feel may be different and your view of epilepsy may also change over time.

Feelings about being diagnosed and living with epilepsy will vary from one person to another. Mood problems such as anxiety and depression are common in people with epilepsy. In some cases, there may be links between a person’s epilepsy and mood problems. Possible links include how epilepsy affects their life, how their brain is affected, and their genetic or family history. There are self-help strategies for mood problems and you can also ask for help.

How to deal with feelings of anxiety if you have epilepsy.

We all feel low and depressed sometimes, without it being a medical problem. Depression becomes a problem when the unhappy feelings don’t go away and it affects our daily life: eating, sleeping or being able to get out of bed.


Ways in which epilepsy can affect and be affected by your mood.

Suggestions about where to turn for help if you are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Talk about mood at your appointment

You may like to use our short form (pdf 826 KB) to talk to your doctor or nurse about how you feel.