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The latest news, views and opinions from Epilepsy Society.

30 April 2019

Actor with epilepsy, Jack Cray, talks about his journey with epilepsy and why he devised his one man show, Jack Cray: The Fittest Guy On The Street.

Sophie Harries take a selfie indoors smiling at the camera
15 April 2019

Sophie Harries, 22, is a dietitian from Somerset. She was  diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy at the age of 15. She explains how it affects her life.

Latisha Berker Boyd sitting at her desk
12 April 2019

Latisha Berker-Boyd writes about her experiences with epilepsy and how she has used her epilepsy to influence her marketing agency.

A logo with two shades of purple, displaying the words 'Me and My Shadow'
1 April 2019

Following the success of our 'Me and My Shadow' scheme on International Women's Day, a few of the shadows tell us about their experiences.

International Women's Day logo with a purple arrow and circle
8 March 2019

8 March annually, is International Women's Day, celebrating women's achievements around the world. Here we celebrate just a few of the women who are making a difference in the field of epilepsy.

Andy, wearing a purple top, interacts with resident Christopher
4 March 2019

Andy, a support worker at one of the residential care homes at Epilepsy Society, describes what being a support worker involves. Our Communications Officer, Rhia Arden, writes.

Hooky intensely watches the auction unfold
4 March 2019

Joy Division bassist, Peter Hook, held an auction on Saturday to sell his memorabilia to raise money for us. Nicola Swanborough, our Communications Manager, was at the auction.

Amanda Smith is sitting in an art studio with the light shining through the window and a green plant behind her. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses, a pink t-shirt and a lightweight scarf around her neck.
25 February 2019

Artist Amanda Smith explains how picking up a paint brush has helped her overcome the anxiety and depression that go hand in hand with her epilepsy

Jasmine is young, with long brown hair and is smiling at the camera. She is sitting at a desk, working on her lap top.
22 February 2019

Jasmine talks about her epilepsy and doing work experience at Epilepsy Society

Andrew George is walking along the pavement wearing a purple Epilepsy society t-shirt, red fleece and trilby hat. He lloks ghappy.
15 February 2019

Our trustee, Andrew George, explains why he is putting on his walking boots to raise money that will help us to analyse genetic data and increase our understanding of epilepsy.


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