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Read the latest epilepsy news from Epilepsy Society.

Pregnant woman wearing pink summer dress.

Sodium valproate should not be routinely prescribed for women, say medics

24 October 2016

Sodium valproate should not be prescribed to women with epilepsy who are of child bearing age,unless there has been a full discussion of the potential risks and...

Can green spaces reduce the risk of sudden death in people with epilepsy?

14 October 2016

The idea that environment influences the health of people with epilepsy is not a new one.  Epilepsy Society headquarters was founded in 1894 in the Buckinghamshire...

A young woman looks anxious.

Warning over morning-after-pill for women with epilepsy

19 September 2016

Women with epilepsy advised to consult their doctor, pharmacist or specialist nurse if they are using the morning after pill containing levonorgestrel.


Arriva bus is painted with Epilepsy Society logo to celebrate staff generosity

14 September 2016

An Arriva bus in London has been painted silver to celebrate the generosity of staff members who gave to various charities through Payroll, including Epilepsy Society...

Packaging for Trobalt (retigabine)

Epilepsy drug Trobalt (retigabine) to be discontinued

14 September 2016

The epilepsy drug Trobalt, also known as retigabine, is to be discontinued and will no longer be available after June 2017.

Head shot of Labour leader candidate Owen Smith, wearing a grey jacket and glasses with a dark rim across the top.

Owen Smith criticises care of people with epilepsy

12 September 2016

Labour leader candidate Owen Smith  criticises the way the 'system' cares for people with epilepsy and mental health issues.

Poet Amy Acre

Exploring the dreamy state of epilepsy

8 September 2016

Don't miss your chance to explore the cultural history of epilepsy at a literary cabaret in London this weekend (Saturday 10 September 2016).

Joseph Fry

Nine-year-old with epilepsy gets A grade in GCSE maths

2 September 2016

An A grade in GCSE maths is an achievement in anyone's books, but Joseph Fry's story makes it even more special.  He is only nine years old and has had epilepsy for...


Transport for London trials badges for people with hidden health conditions

31 August 2016

Transport for London (TfL) has developed a card and a badge to signal that people with hidden health conditions such as epilepsy, may need a seat on public transport...

Epilepsy news app

Epilepsy Society launches news app for iPhone and Android

31 August 2016

Epilepsy Society has launched a news app for Android and iPhone  as an interactive tool to help readers keep up-to-date with everything that is happening in the world...


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